The V-Squad

The Volunteer Squad (V-Squad) is a group of individuals who choose to invest their time and energy to support the work that we do simply because they believe in our vision and share our values as an Organization, the primary function of the V-squad is to help with our outreach campaign known as Activate. We are continuously seeking to activate and open up new communities to enable us expand the work that we do all in a bid to actualize the UCL vision.

We like to work with people who are flexible, open-minded, willing to learn, grow, and quite dynamic in their approach. New and existing UCLites are free to join the V- squad whenever there is a vacancy for volunteers.

Our Volunteers

Some Organizations focus on Projects, some others focus on profit, but at UCL, we prefer to focus on people. Our people are our best resources; We know if we build up the people, the projects will be built and the profit will be made.