Welcome to the BOB-Zone

BOB is a collection of contemporary and meditative literatures. You may want to describe this book as a ticking alarm clock that comes to disrupt our sleep, or as a friend that comes to give us a gentle pat on the back to wake up in time.

If you love your bubbles and you don’t want them to burst, I would like to say that this is not a book you would love to read.

Interestingly, whether or not we dare to watch our bubbles burst, they will still burst eventually. It may hurt, but it gives us an opportunity to see for once that what we have been calling a diamond stone flying in the air is just a bubble, and it isn’t anything real!

Waking up one day to an epiphany, I checked how much progress I had made on this journey called life.

Like a sweet song sang on the road to heaven, my young life seemed to play with tones high and low, sometimes off key and oftentimes, right on point.

I decided to do a compilation of my journey and the many semi-journeys that I had taken through it; the narrow road, the detours, the lonely paths, and the joy of finally finding the path that leads to love, and to the truth.

This collection has been written to fit into six major themes namely: Self-discovery, conscious growth, life and reality, global consciousness, religion and spirituality, love and unity.

BOB belongs to the wisdom literature genre; each of the title in the series has 40 literatures; most of which are infused with metaphors, anecdotes, and parables, which makes for an interesting read.

If you desire a BOB experience, I would suggest you read the materials slowly, and watch out for the silent spaces in-between the letters.

At the end of the day, if you are able to get the letters contained in the material, I would say a big well done to you.

If you manage to draw the energy behind the letters, it is also a good feat that is worth commending.

Most importantly, it is my wish and hope that you find the silence hidden between the letters.

I implore you to come, walk this journey with me in the BOB-zone, as we tread on roads tarred with words that have no sound.

The night is over, and it is the dawn of a new day...

Good morning.


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BOB 1: Self-Discovery

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BOB 2: Conscious Growth

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BOB 3: Life and Reality

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BOB 4: Global Consciousness

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BOB 5: Religion and Spirituality

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BOB 6: Love and Unity

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What they are all saying

Bursting Our Bubbles is a book that you can’t start reading and then want to put down. It is a book packed and loaded with wisdom; it is not so easy to is better experienced.

Sharon Newham, United Kingdom

I came across BOB through my friends at the Book club during our monthly book review and the feedback from everyone was exactly the same – awesome books.

Alice Stratford, United Kingdom

I won’t be surprised if this book becomes a bestseller. There is nothing stopping this from selling out, it simply needs to be promoted or being read by those who matter and this would practically explode on a global scale.

Sandra Miami, Florida

We have been using BOB as a meditation book at our Yoga centre since we picked up a copy from the author. The book is profound and the amazing thing is that there are different layers of wisdom in every of the literature...this is not a mainstream material, these are life changing books.

Sri Ramana Winchester, United Kingdom

This BOB book is really magical. I do not want to sound patronizing here but this is not a usual material. I think it is something that needs to be out there for more people to feel the energy and the silence behind the letters.

Esther Lagos, Nigeria

The BOB experience is so difficult to describe, you are reading a book that feels like someone is talking to you. The author has a way of passing the message in such a beautiful and simple way. I will keep recommending this to everyone I know.

Emma Southend-on-sea, United Kingdom