The Challenge

We have discovered that many people are looking for ways to come out from this maze and matrix that has entangled many of us in the world today. Many people are waking up in time and they do not know what to study, where to go, or how to connect with others just to deepen their understanding of their journey.

Many are awake in time but they are still stuck in a cesspool, and they do not know how to enjoy this freedom which is already there.

We have discovered that the biggest challenge most people face all over the world is that they do not have someone who has walked on the road they intend to walk on, or someone who can hold them by the hand, walk with them and guide them.

Just like our biological family is a good structure to support us in life, we all need a family that is based on chemistry, a loving community of conscious people who know they have a connection that is beyond blood, time or space.

At UCL, we are not here just looking for members. We are looking for real people, simply because we care about building a global conscious community that can support everyone on their journey.

Real life benefits of membership

Exclusive events

Members are exposed to life-changing events, workshops and teachings that are quite practical, relatable and designed to bring lasting changes. Most people who have attended some of the events think they are amazing.

Amazing discount

Members can get any of our books, audio, video or even games at an amazing discount; We also give members discounts for most of our special events.

Membership cost


Price per month

Price per annum

Basic Membership



Standard Membership



Membership cost

We do not charge a membership fee. Anyone who consider themselves as part of the UCL vision is our member.

5 easy ways to get involved

Step 1

Just pop in at 10.30 am every Saturday to attend RTP Masterclass in our Manchester Campus (Start date to be announced soon)

Step 2

Our Masterclass is 100% free of charge

Step 3

A voluntary donation is always encouraged to sustain the project and the UCL Vision

Step 4

Join the Volunteer Squad (V-squad) and help us with Outreach

Step 5

Become active in any UCL social initiative and help us impact more people and the local community

Venue for RTP

Broughton Hub
50 Rigby Street
Salford, Manchester
M7 4BQ

The hub is located on Rigby Street, off Bury New Road. It is close to public transport and there is a free car park next to the building.

Venue may change because of Covid 19 restrictions.

Price Chart for the Masterclass


1 class

4 classes

Savings on 4 classes


@£9.99 = £9.99

@£9.49 = £37.96


Basic Member

@£7.99 = £7.99

@£7.49 = £29.96


Standard Member

@£5.99 = £5.99

@£5.49 = £21.96


Event ticket