About Us

Who we are

The Universe city of Life (UCL) is a non-philosophical, non-ideological and a non-cultural school of personal development that seeks to build a global conscious community of at least 100 million people who are awake and aware, and whose consciousness are rooted in freedom and love.

Our Values: (L.I.F.E)


We love ourselves; we love every form of life, we cannot see the difference in people based on race, religion or gender. We only see life, and we love life.


We pride ourselves as an Organization that is able to impact on people, and make them realize their true worth and inner power, until they experience a transformation in their lives.


We cannot be held down by social conditioning and programs; our eyes are open, we are alive and living our lives to the fullest, enjoying the blessings of this endless moment. We are free.


We are always growing, always changing our approach, always playing with new and better ways of approaching life and reality. We are always evolving.

Our Tenets - ACUTE

  • Aware: We know that we are the highest and the deepest expression of infinite intelligence. That we are not our body, our mind, our race or our beliefs. That we are pure consciousness, indestructible, empty, plain and neutral. That we were never born and we can never die, that just like life, we have no beginning and no end, we also know that we are deeply connected to all forms and expression of life in the Universe.

  • Creator: We know that we are the creator of our own realities. We can hold on to our ideas, sentiments, illusion and darkness, create misery and make our own lives become hell, or we can function in understanding, freedom, light, become an epitome of joy, love and peace, and make our lives beautiful. We also know that the reality we experience today may not be what we have created intentionally,
    but we are powerful enough to undo this one, and create exactly what we want to experience because we are a creator.

  • Unity: We know there is no separation within our consciousness, that there is no white or black, Muslim or Christian, gay or straight, male or female spirit; that spirit is simply spirit, that we are all the same, united and inseparable, that every human being is the same as us regardless of colour, sexual orientation, gender or belief; that we all belong to one race, which is the human race.

  • Truth: We know almost everyone in the world is looking for the truth, we know that this quest for the truth is valid; that every truth, way, deity, saviour, messenger or mystic is true, that every religion is a genuine quest to interpret the truth, that every interpretation is reasonable, and there is no right or wrong interpretation of the truth. We know that everything is the truth, and nothing specifically is the truth.

  • Empathy: We know that others have a right to believe what they believe, think how they think, act how they act and there is no judgement for or against them. We also know that the way of light is to accept people just as they are.

The Teacher

Pappy is an explorer, scientist of the soul, a force of nature, a ray of light and a Teacher of life and reality.

He has spent the best part of this lifetime inquiring into the state of this reality, experimenting with many known paths, and eventually walking away from all paths. He then embarked on an adventurous journey into the unknown, which he later describes as a pathless path.

Despite a lifelong struggle with dyslexia, He has immersed himself so much in reading broadly and also writing, before eventually publishing Bursting Our Bubbles (BOB).

He has won a few awards and recognitions including being selected as a Young African leader by the United States department of states in the Mandela Washington Fellowship (2014 Cohort), he was also endorsed by the arts Council of England as a writer with a Global talent within the arts space.

Pappy has said that his life purpose is to help people view reality in a more objective way and come to clarity on how they handle everyday issues of life.

Even though he said he is not so good at philosophy, he has said that a guiding principle which is at the core of all that he does is this: “a candle loses nothing by lighting other candles”.